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Key Exchange Only

Provides a quantum-resistant exchange of keys between participants in the network with patented 3-pass key exchange method between the multiple parties in information exchange. Works with any existing encryption algorithms.

Low powered encryption (Suited for IoT needs)

Highly tuned quantum-resistant information exchange between resource constrained IoT devices protecting critical infrastructure with patented encryption algorithm that is highly scalable with low latency and low bandwidth requirements.

High powered encryption (US only)

Tuned to secure sensitive and protected information exchange or communication with patented quantum-resistant encryption technique developed for US markets only (export control).

CypherShield with Key Certification server

A comprehensive platform that includes secured key exchange, and key certification to prevent man-in-the-middle attack, data in motion encryption and data signature to confirm the data being sent by trusted source. The Certification Server provides an out of band control over the communication between participants.

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