Protecting our data in motion (communication) using encryption that can withstand attacks by quantum computers – post quantum cryptography

Private messaging or communication for protected group of users

Enterprises and individuals rely on email and messaging apps to exchange text, audio, and video for daily communication. These communications are valuable to hackers as a source of PII and critical business information.​

Most breaches happen through malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle, zero-day vulnerabilities etc. Such attacks are growing in frequency and profile. 

Communication products today are based on PKI algorithms such as RSA, AES and elliptic curve – all vulnerable to attacks that leverage quantum computers. Using Shore’s algorithm, quantum computers can perform prime number factorization and calculation of discrete logarithms in polynomial time.​

Security protocols used in mobile phones, credit cards, instant messengers, e-mail, wireless payments, banking, corporate IT, unmanned vehicles, airplanes, transport and power management are under threat. ​


Data Security

Data security at rest and in motion

Adaptive Security

Build your own messaging platform using customizable messaging SDKs that suits your needs

Unique Authentication model

Unique Authentication model Validate network endpoints to prevent man-in-the-middle attack


Data encryption SDK


Private messaging or communication for protected group of users



Quantum resistant Key Exchange

Quantum key exchange​
(software based)

Ability to securely exchange the private/public keys using a post quantum tunnel

Quantum resistant Key Certification

Quantum resistant key certification server

Validate network endpoints to prevent man-in-the-middle attack


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