Post Quantum Safe Communication for loT Devices

CypherIoT provides end to end post quantum safe and secured communications between the IoT devices such as beacons, RFIDs and the gateways/servers in the IoT infrastructure.

CypherIoT Firmware Update Manager provides secured exchange of firmware updates and configuration settings between the IoT gateway and low powered IoT devices including low powered or resource constrained.


Cyphercomm Quantum Resistant Messaging Encryption

Post Quantum Safe Encryption

All firmware and configuration file exchanges from the platform, through the gateways, to the nodes are post quantum secured.

Cyphercomm Quantum Resistant Endpoint Authentication

Endpoint Authentication

End points' associated with the IoT platform are secured to prevent man-in-the middle attacks and replicative eavesdropping.

Cyphercomm Quantum Safe Algorithms

Periodic Automatic Network Mustering

Performs automatic, unscheduled mustering calls to the IoT hardware on the network, requiring recertification with the IoT platform to knock off unrecognized end points.

Cyphercomm Quantum Resistant Communication

Lightweight Algorithms with Multi Platform Support

SDK supports multiple low powered IoT chipsets allowing the solution to be suitable for varied use cases.


White Labeled Solution

Take advantage of the fully customizable dashboard to meet your specific branding needs and back-end that can be configured on your existing IoT infrastructure.

API based

API based solution that will easily integrate with your monitoring dashboard and existing IoT infrastructure.

Quantum Resistant Key Certification


“Cypher Shield may be considered as a breakthrough approach in post Quantum cryptography developed to substitute RSA, ECC and other approaches to key exchange, identity verification, and authentication…”

Dr. Timour Paltashev

Executive Manager at AMD Radeon Technology Group

“The technology is sound, and I see it as a new approach to key exchange”


Stanford University

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