Fortify and future proof your critical IT infrastructure with Quantum Resistant!

Software based

  • No quantum computers, specialized H/W or cabling required
  • Technology based on computational impossibility vs complexity

Interoperable with existing infrastructure

  • Envelope rather than rip and replace existing environment
  • Configurable components to augment your security needs

Agile and scalable

  • Low latency, low bandwidth for low powered IoT to military grade
  • Works with any data link (IP, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, Radio etc.)

Quantum Resistant Ecosystem

Quantum Resistant Key Exchange

Key exchange

3 pass transaction method of symmetrical and asymmetrical keys.

Quantum Resistant data encryption


Highly efficient algorithms to protect any data in motion (data exchange).

Quantum Resistant Key Certification

Key certification

Endpoint authentication to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

Quantum Resistant Digital Signature

Data signature

Confirmation of data being sent by the source.

Our Products

CypherShield Platform

CypherShield Platform

Enabling Quantum Safe Security – Today

CypherShield is a complete ecosystem of SDK components that can be deployed in various configurations to fortify the existing IT infrastructure.


Quantum safe future-proof messaging

CypherComm is the substrate that adds quantum resistant security to VOIP, Messaging, Video conferencing, email that makes it impervious to any man in the middle attacks or any backdoor hacks. Cyphercomm is available as an SDK or a white labelled full messaging stack to reinforce your existing communication system.
CypherComm Platform


Highly secured data communication and encryption for resource constrained IoT devices

CypherIoT Firmware Update Manager provides secured exchange of firmware updates and configuration settings between the IoT gateway and low powered IoT devices.

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